About WMAN

WMAN - Future Technologies

The trading company WMAN - Future Technologies was established in 2004 and in is specialized in “New Technology”.

We are experienced within Robotics, Telepresence, Telecom, Antenna technology, Wireless Standards, Directional Speakers, Electrical Vehicles, Wheelchairs, interactive Foils and much more.

Internationally are we having a row of known companies as customers. In Denmark is our customer base among Pharmaceutical-, Telecom-, Design-, Production Companies, TV Stations, Universities and Municipalities.

Several of you products and solutions has been shown in International and Danish Movies, TV-series, TV shows and Concerts.

WMAN has worked with Segway inc. since 2005 as Authorized Dealer and since 2017 as Segway Professional Distributor.

We are the only company with license and equipment to program and repair Segway PT’s in Denmark. WMAN was the driving force in the legalisation of the Self-blancing Segway PT in Denmark.

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