Segway PT Repair

Repair of Segway PT

WMAN has exclusive rights for repair of the Segway PT i2 and Segway PT x2 in Denmark

We are so the only company in Denmark with tools and license to repair and program ell parts of the Segway PTs.

If your Segway are defective and you have questions, pleas contact us.

To be able to help you it is a big help with photo/ videos of:

  • Evt. Error codes from the display of the InfoKey (Key).
  • Charging lamps while charging.
  • Serialnumber of the machine (12-digit number to be found on the edge under the right rubbermat, or ingravet ind the chassis under the front battery.
  • Serialnumber of both main-batteries (Dismantle both batteries, SN and barcode to be found as sticker starting with CXXXXXXXXXXXX)

Units shipped for repair are to be sent to:
WMAN/ Segway, Brejning Strand 3, DK-7080 Börkop