SR5 Auto-follow suitcase

SR5 Auto-follow suitcase


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Press a button and this robotic suitcase will follow you.

SR5 is a Smart Auto-Follow Suitcase
With a range of sensors, a battery, and motors the SR5 follows your wristband, when you activate it within range.
SR5 follows you and the sensor ensures to keep the right distance to you while you walk – not to close to to far away.
If the distance gets to between you get to long, the wristband will notify you.
If people or items gets between you, the SR5 will drive around them.
No more power on your phone? No problem, just charge your phone in th suitcases USB ports
If you want push the SR5 manually, just press a button on your wristband.
You can now adjust the level of the robust aluminum handle in 3 heights.
You might know the long walking distances in the airports and the following experiences. You are busy and carrying all your luggage and probably also the kids, as they can’t carry the weight. Suddenly has the flight terminal been changed and you alle need to take the lang walk. The mobilphone with the boardingcart app, is now slowly running low in battery.
The last thing you need is a slow suitcase with wheels, that seems to go in all other direction.
To handle all this in high heels are supposed to be even worse.
Height incl. wheels: 533mm
Height excl. wheels: 483mm
Length incl. wheels: 381mm
Width incl. wheels: 246mm
Height adjustable robust handle for manual pushing/ pulling.
Material: ABS + PC German Bayer material.
Size: 30L
Weight: 6kg
Lock: TSA Passcode lock
Wheel design: Rear wheel drive, Front: omni-directional wheel
Speed: 6km/h / 3,8mph
Motor Specifications:
Size: 3,5 inch
Number od motors: 3
Motor Power: 50W/20W
Size: 151 x 79 x 21 mm
Weight: 340gr
Battery Capacity: 62,6Wh
Range estimated: 5km
Charging time: 13h
Detachable: Yes
Warning: There exist similar suitcases with alternative technology in the market. Our experience tells us typically one several of the following will happen. So save your time and money.
+ Very expensive
+ No response from the manufacturer/ selller
+ No support from the manufacturer.
+ No delivery of paid products or spareparts. under warranty.

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