Double 3

Double 3


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Be available everywhere.
Use the Telepresence robot Double 3 as your “doppelgänger”.
Connect the robot and drive to the room- or person of interest and communicate with them. Simply by using Click-to-drive.

Double 3 fra Double Robotics, Californiien
Price: EUR 8000,- inkl VAT (6,400,- excl. VAT)

Double Robotics is the worlds leading telepresence robot manufacturer.

Connect from the App or your browser to the robot and drive the robot to the place- or person of interest and communicate with them. Simply by using Click-to-drive.

Minimize your travel-stress, amount of traffic jams, delayed flights and save time and money at the same time.
Or how about attract people that would not be possible?

Double 3 are ideal for:
+ Offices with home- or distant workers
+ Conferences
+ Schools and education
+ Project works
+ Lockdowns
+ Telemedicine
+ Surveillance
+ Personal long distance contact
+ Attracting leads and guests

The Double 3 is an advanced tool, but the usage is childish simple and makes it fun and efficient to use.

If your are going from a seated to a standing or walking meeting, Then simply just raise the the height of the Double from 119cm to 150 cm height.

As the 2-wheeled Double uses balance control similar to the Segway PTs the footprint is very limited and you can navigated in tight spaces.
Or you simply point and let the advanced software and sensors drive the Double for you.

6 Beamforming microphones and amplified speaker makes the communication easy.

Battery for 4 hours meeting and charging in 2 hours ind the minimalistic designed charging dock.

The 2 cameraes with each 13MP, makes it even possible to pan, tilt and zoom.

Fleet management is also available for Double 3 for Security, Scheduling and Reporting.

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